Play It Safe

When the weather heats up in Central Texas, the Highland Lakes are the place to be. But too often a fun day on the water ends tragically. Drownings, boating injuries and boating accidents can happen in an instant. Many accidents can be prevented by using good judgment and playing it safe.

Whether it's swimming, boating or on a personal watercraft…when you hit the water this summer have fun, but don't forget to be safe so you can come back and enjoy the lake again.

Follow these safety tips while you're out having fun.

  1. Never swim alone. Most drowning victims don't yell for help; they panic and slip quietly under water. Ask friends and family to keep an eye on one another in and around the water and learn to recognize the signs of someone in trouble. Read more.
  2. Always wear a life jacket. These days they come in just about every style and color....AND…they float. Read more.
  3. Know the rules of the road. A boater education class can bring you up to speed on the latest boating laws and rules in Texas. Read more.
  4. Boat safely. Know where you are on the water and be aware of your surroundings at all times. Know how to read and follow buoy signs. Read more.
  5. Avoid drinking alcohol on the water. Many drowning accidents involve alcohol, which affects your coordination and judgment — even more so when you're boating or swimming. If you do drink, be responsible. Designate a sober boat operator and keep an eye on those who are drinking. And, drink plenty of water to stay hydrated — especially when drinking alcohol.
  6. Have proper equipment onboard. Make sure it works correctly and it's readily accessible! Some equipment is required by state law. Read more.
  7. Use sunscreen.