Know your buoys

Hazard buoy

Buoys and mile markers are water traffic signs to direct and inform boaters. They also help identify danger areas and restricted zones. It's a violation of state law to moor or attach a vessel to any buoy or marker. It's also illegal to move, remove, displace, tamper with, damage or destroy any buoy or marker. Get familiar with buoys and markers.

All boaters on the Highland Lakes should be aware of these buoys and markers:
Controlled area.

This is a controlled area. No fishing, no anchoring. There may be water-skiers. Slow down and don't create a wake.

Boaters keep out!

Written description of danger may be displayed outside crossed diamond, e.g., dam, water intake, swim area, or rapids.


Written description of danger may be displayed outside the diamond shape, e.g., rocks, stumps, hazards or shallow areas.

Green "can"-shaped buoy.

Facing upstream, these green buoys are on the left. They have odd numbers, and may have a green light on top.

Red "nun's cap"-shaped buoy.

Facing upstream, these buoys, shaped like a nun's cap, are on the right. They have even numbers and may have a red light on top.